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Thread: RAWR VAPOR - ANTIDOTE - I hate you guys..

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    Default RAWR VAPOR - ANTIDOTE - I hate you guys..

    I really do hate the people at RAWR vapor. Why do you ask? - Because they got me to enjoy menthol!

    I despised menthol as an analog smoker. To me they tasted like a cigarette dipped in scope mouth wash.

    Even as a vapor its hard for me to enjoy because a lot of the makers go overboard.

    I went to rawr and ordered a few bottles. I forgot to uncheck menthol on Antidote.

    Man im glad I made that mistake. What a difference that little bit of menthol makes. Those guys really have it dialed in over there. For those of you that never vaped it, its a clean refreshing blueberry. Its hard to explain because its not a normal blueberry vape. Its a smoother, less sweet blueberry. I can vape this all day and I normally can not vape fruity ejuice all day.

    16mg 70/30 pg/vg @ 3.7v w/ LR atty. I can do that all day!! Great throat it, great flavor.

    Id buy 250ml if they sold it.

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    Mike has ruined many a vaper
    He did the same thing to me!

    Engaged to my best friend, SirOgre

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    Me, too. I'm vaping Dawn of Truth at 4% menthol at this very moment and just ordered two more flavors. It's amazing how much the menthol brings out the fruit flavors in the juice. Good stuff.

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