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    Default Pink Spot Vapors -- Pink Spot Flavor

    6mg (sample) on a regular 510T

    Color: Pink

    Vapor: Good

    Throat Hit: Very Little (received a 6mg sample, usually vape 18mg)

    Subtle, Medium, or Strong Flavor: Strong flavor (VERY SWEET)

    Is it clean (non-chemical or perfume tasting): Yes, very clean

    Overall Rating (Bad, Ok, Good, Great): Somewhere between ok and good

    I got a sample of Pink Spot from with an order I received from It is a VERY VERY sweet juice, like the sweetest candy I could every imagine. It has a strawberry taste to it to me, but there's some other juicy flavors mixed in, its just SO sweet I can't vape it for long enough to figure out all the flavors. My guy loves the sweet stuff and can vape this all day, so its not bad at all, its just REALLY SWEET. Another thing to mention is this juice needs its own atty because I cannot get the flavor out of the atty I used to try it. Its a great juice for sweet lovers, but give it its own atty.
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