A few weeks ago, I received the full line of Niquid E-liquid for review. Of course, with nearly 30 flavors, I was unable to record a video that includes each and every flavor...so here's a comprehensive list that includes almost the entire Nicquid line of juices! I will be doing a video of a few select flavors.

A quick note: Not every flavor I receive gets reviewed. Some flavors, such as apple and certain menthols, are just not for me, and I wouldn't be able to score them in an unbiased way. These flavors have been given away to others for their testing. Thank you for understanding!

Overall, I have to say that the flavors fron Nicquid are very consistent with their names, as compared to other companies. It's obvious to me that they take their time with testing and developing each flavor before releasing them in their lineup. Even though not every flavor will appeal to every vaper, nearly everyone will find some in Niquid's lineup that they will fall in love with.

Here's the link to my blog post. Enjoy, and I hope you all find the information helpful!