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Thread: Hope's E-liquid

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    Default Hope's E-liquid

    First of all, it's found at hopE-liquids Pretty much a sale every time I go to the site, so it's a good price deal.

    Secondly, Hope was nice enough to send me a free bottle of juice in order for me to review her and get the word out about her site and her juices. She was just on Mod Envy, and probably doesn't need much help getting the word out since they had nothing but amazing things to say about her, but here I am anyway!

    I have been looking FOREVER, for a good candy apple e-juice. Not green jolly rancher, not caramel apple, not candied apple flavoring, a candy. apple. The candy-coated deliciousness that you find at fairs.

    Hope has this 'candy apple' listed under her DIY. So I asked about it. She sent me some, along with a handwritten note that she had made it especially for me with 'less jolly rancher taste.' Well, let me tell you, she was spot-freakin'-on!! When I smelled the juice from the bottle my first thought was sadly 'damnit...another apple candy...not candy apple' BUT....BUT....then I put it in my iclear30. Oh. My. God. I almost expected my teeth to hurt as I bit into that candy-coated deliciousness of a vape!

    Hope has amazing things going for her. Sadly, this is the only juice of hers that I've tried, kind of as a test drive, but if THIS flavor was so spot on? I can only IMAGINE how delicious her other flavors must be.

    She's won herself another customer, and I highly HIGHLY recommend you all give her a try as well. Right now she's got a 22% off sale, so there's really NO reason not to get a couple flavors to try out.

    Again, THANK YOU to Hope for sending me something just out of the goodness of your heart! I assure you, you've made a customer out of me!

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    Thanks for the review.
    Key Lime Pie is delicious, right amount of tartiness and the meringue is impressive .

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    won a juice from hope on a show last week. received it and i don't know but something went wrong with the juice. i get a nice chemical taste. i picked coconut cream pie. not sure whats up oh well. it was free so i am not complaining. going try and let it steep for a few weeks see if it goes away. tried on many devices, no dice.