Vermillion River - Kentucky Vanilla
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Thread: Vermillion River - Kentucky Vanilla

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    Default Vermillion River - Kentucky Vanilla

    I've been vaping on this juice for the past 2 days and decided i'd review it.

    90% of the time I get a caramel vanilla type flavor with a subtle hint of tobacco (Vanilla being the dominant flavor) And sometimes it'll give me a more french vanilla type flavor, Reminds me of a good vanilla coffee creamer - Very rich and authentic tasting.

    I'm vaping it in the iclear 16b tank at 4.6 volts
    Throat hit at 20mg is great,I usually get 24 but decided to try this in a lower option and it is more than enough.

    Also the juice is running very clean and doesn't seem to be gunking up at all, and as you can see in this photo I attached the vapor is very thick and dense... Plenty of it for sure !

    Vermillion River - Kentucky Vanilla-vv.jpg

    Over all it's becoming my daily vape for now, Not too strong to make me get tired of it. For me it is just a nice smooth authentic vanilla with subtle hints of caramel and tobacco
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    I just got my free sample of Kentucky Blend. I had low expectations because I'm not a big tobacco flavor fan, but wow it is great. Very smooth and has such a unique flavor that I would definitely purchase more.
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