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Thread: Switching nic levels. How often do you do it and is it a good idea?

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    Did you try my suggestion of mixing the two levels? It just might be (part of) your answer.

    And I do understand... we all have our psychological thangs...

    Also, I know quite a few vendors, and from what they've told me, 18mg. and 24mg. bottles outsell 6mg. and 12mg. bottles, so 24mg. is not necessarily a lot more than most e cig users are using.

    If it were me, I would have cartos filled with both 18s and 24s...switch 'em up at a moments notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent Scream View Post
    It's hard to explain. 24mg is a lot more than most e cig users are taking and I can really feel the 'hit' when I'm vaping at that level but 18mg doesn't do that to me but also doesn't satisfy me.

    I know it's probably nothing to worry about. I see it as someone drinking very strong beer when they're used to normal beer. No wait, that's a crap analogy. I just don't like being on heavy nic liquid it's a psychological thing but I'll get over it.
    Dear, there is nothing to worry about.

    When you smoked tobacco cigarettes, you used to get your nicotine - and a lot of other chemicals from tobacco smoke, some of which had a certain effect on your body.
    When you vape, you get your nicotine - and NONE of the other chemicals from tobacco smoke. Some of which used to have a certain effect on your body, remember?

    Of course, you can force yourself to vape only 18 mg nic. And you are missing something.... and there is that tobacco cigarette that could offer all that you want... so easily... (notice what I am doing here?)
    OR you can vape a nicotine level that satisfies you. And feel no desire whatsoever for a tobacco cigarette.
    - have you considered mixing the 24 with the 18? To me, that sounds like a great idea!

    Vaping a high nicotine level in the beginning is often done as a compensation for that other stuff that is present in tobacco smoke.
    It is important to be satisfied when vaping. The target now is to get away from / and stay away from tobacco cigarettes. Period.

    I myself started with 18. And I have stayed with 18. - I will be a 100% vaper for 2 years in precisely 1 week ( 4 Nov).
    Do I have any problem with my nic level? Heck no!

    If it were me, I would have cartos filled with both 18s and 24s...switch 'em up at a moments notice.
    Great advice! A lot of people do that. Especially in the beginning.
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