First, thanks to everyone who participated in the Poll. I've taken the liberty of comprising a list, by cost, of some of the more popular PV and Attachment combinations from that poll. The prices listed are from ECF Vendors and/or manufacturer's website, and are subject to change. Hopefully this list will help anyone looking to buy a new device.
NOTE: Cost of Batteries and/or Chargers Not Included

under $50 JOYETECH - eGo products / Assorted Clearomizers
Sold by many Vendors as a 'Beginner' or 'Starter' kit that includes 2 eGo Batteries, 2 clearos, charger and case.
Variable Voltage (VV), Pass Thru and other options available

KAMRY - K100 (mechanical), K200 (VV)
Dripping performance in a Mod for under $50 ? Kamry presents the K-series.

under $100 KSD - Vamo / KANGER ProTank
Popular inexpensive tube-mod with features of more expensive mods.

Innovative VV Device coupled with popular tank.

SMOKTECH - Magneto / IBT tanks
Mechanical mod w/ Telescoping Tube to accommodate various battery sizes.

under $200 REOS Mods - Grand / RM2
Popular bottom-feed Mod with compatible RBA. A VV option about $45 more.

PROVAPE (base model) / Vivi Nova or ProTank
Basic model of advanced tube mod, coupled with popular tanks

under $300 PROVAPE (optional model) / SVOEMESTO KFL
With tube extender (larger battery), color and LED options. Paired with KayFun Lite

Russian design, German engineered mod. KayFun 3.1 additional cost.

These are just a few of the more popular combinations discussed in the 2013 Unofficial Equipment of the Year Poll, and there are many other options in the Vaping World. My advice; do the research and choose the equipment best suited for your vaping needs.

And, as always, Hoping that everyone has a Safe and Blessed Day PapawBrett