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Thread: Vaping Myth: Inhaling anything other than fresh air is bad

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    If you rephrase to "inhaling anything but fresh air is worse than inhaling fresh air" I think it's not just a myth. Our lungs are self-cleaning organs (gotta love those). However, the real question is "Is inhaling what we vaporize bad?". As to which no one can answer with certainty. Can't help but wonder if I cough and get a taste of Butterfly Bait or somesuch in my mouth. I still choose to see it as less harmful than smoking until proven otherwise, and will keep blowing little fluffy clouds. Jokingly, in case of a zombie apocalypse, I' thinking the zombies will find my lungs awesome tasting... and they'll have to chase me slightly further to get at them thanks to not smoking.

    There's no denying we're setting a precedent for stuff usually not inhaled in great concentrations. Only time will tell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talyon View Post
    A good and bad thing. IMHO the owners should have made it safe and kept it open. But our government won't help with this. I hope the owners are fined big time. How many are losing their jobs because of this?
    Corporate won't spend $millions to keep a small factory open when the same product lines can be incorporated into other facilities.
    90. They have been offered severances, re-training or offers at other facilities.

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    Ah, got it, thank you.

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    I don't mind monkeying around with something other than smog to breathe 27/7. It worked well for these monkeys back in 1942 ...
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