How long did it take you?
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Thread: How long did it take you?

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    Default How long did it take you?

    I have been on a quest to find some juices I like.

    I have tried many in shops. Some seemed to be ok but when purchased and got them home, after a short time it was enough. Not something I'd want for any length of time. So I have taken my quest online. It is hard to blindly know what you might or might not like so I have been getting sample bottles, waiting for them to steep and trying.

    Most I will not purchase again. But then OMG that one is good. What? Now I only have one tankful and it will be gone. This is sad. But on the up side I now have one I really like once I reorder and steep that is. I have more samples coming so maybe soon I will find a variety I like. I am now playing with mixing some of the juices to see if I can make some of them better.

    In another month or so I am going to give DIY a try. There are so many possibilties... How long did it take most of you to find the perfect juice?
    I doubt I will save any money anytime soon....

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    About a year and a half.

    Of course at the time there wasn't as much choice as there is today and very few brick and mortars around (still none around here). I found some great stuff from Tasty Vapor but then I switched from attys and carts to cartos and the TV clogged my cartos. I started to DIY and ended up vaping unflavored for quite a while. I gave Mt. Baker a try this May and found their Pear I think I'm finally done looking!

    For now
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    Four weeks...then I found Boba's.
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