Sometimes one looses the sense of reality
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Thread: Sometimes one looses the sense of reality

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    Default Sometimes one looses the sense of reality

    Hi all

    My question basically is: have you ever put some thoughts in your personal evolution in vaping hardware and directly compared your current setup to an old one you used to use? I mean in practice.

    For example, since I have like 5 vapor shops near me, a couple of months ago I went on a taste spree to find a nice e juice. I must have tasted like 30 or 40 different flavors that day. No big deal.

    In the meanwhile I learned to rebuild my aerotank mini which gave me better flavor and vapor production, then I moved to kayfuns that gave me, once again, better flavor and more vapor. Nothing spectacular though until I entered a store today and tested two or three new flavors... It was like "meh"...

    -Is that battery charged m'am? Those CE4 must be flooded, there is barely vapor...

    -oh yes, it's fully charged, but I see plenty of vapor!

    -you're kidding right?

    So I fire up my kf at lousy 10w... Holy crap, vapor everywhere

    - oh... you have one hell of a setup there!!

    Finally it hit me... She was right... Those CE4 were working perfectly. I just had lost notion of how a regular entry setup vapes.

    I felt like a jerk right after... Although, in all honesty, I didn't wanted to sound as a jerk. I really thought there was a problem with either the atties or the battery... It kinda baffled me how we forget how things are were when we just started.


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    Yeah, that's the natural progression things.

    I've always been in a habit of bringing a dripping atty with me when flavor tasting at my local B&Ms. I might pass up on a great flavor otherwise.

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    Simmilar experiance hare.. I just hooked up my sister with an ego.. I thought it was broken, but she was getting satisfaction from it, so I chocked it up to me being used to the advanced devices...
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    Oh yea... I hate going into B&M's near me. Their test flavors are all in clearomizers on some eGo knockoff, so I can't drip into my atomizer to test, but those clearomizers barely put out anything at all. Tastes absolutely nothing like it would in my setup.

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    There's one that I go to regularly, and they have all of their testers set up in cartotanks...funny, because I can't wait to take my juice home and fill up a clean smoktech tumbler clearo and actually get good vapor and flavor. Maybe they don't keep their cartotanks clean? My juice tastes awesome when I get home.