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    Thank you very much for the video skeets. Words are nothing in front of pictures in action
    the greatest innovations for the greatest vapers

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    Great review skeets you have talent my friend

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    Thanks for the support.
    I hope you don't mind i left a link to my webpage if it's not supposed to be there i'll delete the link.

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    My first review. Hope reposting it here is purposeful.

    Quote Originally Posted by darco View Post
    Hello GG family I have been using a GG for about 10 days now so I think that makes a new member of the awesome GG club! I decided to take some time with my new device (and obsession) before I came in here and posted my opinions. I am pretty new to the ecig world, its just been over a month and a half of quitting smoking, though have spend most of that time researching devices, mods and have purchased more stuff than what I could actually use and consume in a couple of years. After the usual tryst with cigarette style ecigs, then egoTs, a dozen types of cartos, I finally gave up on the retail market ecigs and decided to look at mods. The most prominent reason being, I just couldn't get my self to like cartos. The most recommended cartos still gave me the filler taste. And I just couldn't accept the idea of dripping as the every day way of vaping. The Reo Grand quickly became the the vape that solved most of my problems.

    However, Imeo's design and engineering kept me intrigued and the UFS and Odysseus seemed to be the ultimate solutions to all my needs! After initially being intimidated by the lack of availability of anything GG, I read up enough to understand why they are so much in demand. Extreme engineering and the quest for perfection is what really attracted me to the GG world. I pounced on a GG stealth (#1584) that was available at COV after Bruce told me that he isn't expecting any GGTSs until march at least. I received the stealth, bought a set of AW 18350 IMRs and a Pila charger, but never really used the GG at all. I didn't see the point in using it with cartos. I needed an UFS / Oddy! I realized how cool and unavailable the oddy is but I just couldn't get over how cool the UFS looks . Then after days of stalking the classifieds, and loosing out on a few deals, I got lucky with VPDownunder's UFS v1. Awesome guy great deal, he even gave me an extra plastic window for it. I also got an assortment of attys from avidvaper for both the UFS and the Reo. The shipping of the UFS from Australia to India took longer than I expected even after picking the most expensive shipping option and the customs ripped me, but at the end of it all, I finally had my GG setup complete! I had already seen (twice) every UFS video by then, so I followed all of the vaseline filled instructions , filled up the UFS with my favorite RY4 and the Cisco 1.8ohm 510 atty and fired up. In my first 3 hits I completely realized why all you guys are so crazy about GGs. It truly tasted like the vapor of the gods! I never new how good my juice tasted until I tried it in the UFS! Though my Reo with a Cisco 306 produced much more quantity of vapor, the vapor from the UFS was smooth, fluffy and felt like I am biting into tasty clouds The key difference between my Reo and GG experience is the consistency of vapor from the UFS. The uninterrupted flow of eliquid of the UFS provides a consistency of vapor that I don't think a manual bottom feeder can provide, self feeding or not. Impressed by it, I decided to get another UFS, and this time I landed up buying Chinner's UFS V2. A totally awesome dude to deal with, he too gave me some added goodies with the deal, orings and the steel window. So I now have 2 UFSs and only one GG!?! Have been looking for a GGTS-SS to come up in the classifieds but haven't found one yet. I have already put up a WTB for the steel mouthpieces (that for some weird reason I MUST HAVE!!!!)

    I still am using the UFSv1 and the v2 is waiting for its better half to arrive . Also, I don't have the atty extender or any long barrel attys ATM. Now using it with a Cisco 1.5ohm 510 atty that brings up the vapor production to comparable levels of the Reo Grand, but drops the flavor a bit. I think i will be sticking to buying 1.8ohm attys for this baby. The taste is just awesome! The main problem I am currently facing with the GG is that it is leaking when carrying around. I lock out both the juice and air flow quite securely. I use a very well padded case with a my GG's shape cut out on the sponge padding, so its really well secure. However often when I get the GG out of the case, I see quite a few drops of liquid that seems to me has leaked out from the bottom of the top cap threading. I have disassembled and reassembled the UFS, but it still happens. I am not sure if the top cap is supposed to have an oring for its larger side, mine doesn't. I'd really appreciate some help on this issue. The leaking problem is the only thing thats making my GG my desk vape and am using the Reo Grand when out and about. Another minor problem is that over the short span of time that I am using the GG, I find the liquid control ring is getting stiffer to twist and is kinda squeaking when I turn it. Not a problem, just feels uncomfortable.

    So finally to summarize my opinion of the GGS+UFS setup, here is what I really like:

    1. Integrated device. Once you can find all the parts of course. I just don't dig mods that are just battery mods to be used with plain cartomizers. I think just battery mods are over rated. Storing and handling juice and flowing it to the atty while being a tight unified system is where the magic is at for me. Thats what I like most about my UFS setup.

    2. Looks totally awesome!! The all steel device looks like something from a science fiction movie. A cross between a light saber and a sonic screwdriver. I would have gotten this thing for how cool it looks, even if I was not using ecigs

    3. Really uninterrupted juice flow. The UFS does exactly what it promises. And IMO does it better than anything else. (Yes I know a lot of people are going to come up to me to say "wait till you try the oddy!" and yes I am doing exactly that! waiting!)

    4. Awesome engineering and design. Every component in the device, barring none looks like deep thought has been put into each and every one of them. Some might call it over engineered, but I don't subscribe to such a notion, at least not in the negative sense of the phrase.

    5. Awesome vapor. As i mentioned earlier, the vapor quality and taste from this device surpasses everything I have tried, even using the same atty on my other mod does not come close to the UFS in terms of flavor

    6. Silent operation. Most atties / cartos have been noisy in terms of gurgling, crackling etc. The design of the UFS puts the atty inside the juice container and seals it from all around. Some people around me hate the sounds that I make with my Reo and 306s

    Even great devices like the GG UFS leave me asking for more, so here is what I don't like or would like improved:

    1. I would like to see an easier, more tactile button lockout system, I don't quite like the one on the GG. Its not really an On /Off boolean. There is good chance of the nut being somewhere halfway. I'd like to see some kind of locking like say in the Precise+ where you are sure of the on/off state of the device just by touching / feeling the lock / button. I did see a video somewhere of Imeo experimenting with a new kind of lockout that consisted of turning the entire base. Maybe that would be better, but still will not have an absolute On/Off state.

    2. While I love the button position of the GG, I don't like the hexagonal button. I think there is a round button in some models, maybe that would be cooler. IMHO the button on the GG makes it feel a little crude / homemade when compared to the rest of the device. Heres to hoping that Imeo invents something cooler in the button department.

    3. The UFS needs some kind of gradations / numbering / markings for at least the juice flow control if not both the flow controls. I should be able to visually set the device to my favorite settings without the guesswork or practice. I am sure over time experience and habit will make it easier to tune up to the desired settings, but a perfect device should tell the user of its state.

    4. Don't really like the 18350 battery and need to move up to 18650.

    5. This is my biggest gripe and most important feature request: Imeo needs to clone himself and just make more of these!!!! Come on!! can't you see the demand??

    So there it is. My initial review of my first GG setup, and surely not my last. Will post some pics soon, though my device won't stand a chance when compared to some of your collections, its still damn pretty! I'd appreciate it if the pros here could provide some advice for my leaking issue or any tips that I can use. Lastly, thanks Imeo for creating such an awesome device. You have a fan in me who is going to be waiting for more of your genius creations
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    I should have posted this in here but I posted in Odysseus Official thread so the magic of copy and paste

    My take on the Odysseus:

    I have been using the Odysseus since February of this year. I have it used it in short, Full, and in dripping mode. I can not say how much I enjoy this product. The quality and build is amazing. I work in the Aviation industry and have experience with aircraft grade metals, and QC some of the items we produce in our machine shop(full machine shop where we produce aircraft parts). I would dare say that Imeo's products compare with the strict rules we have to follow in aviation. The tolerances, fit, and finish are some of the best I have seen(even in aviation).
    I have read some people had issues with the Odysseus leaking. I personally had no issues with leaking with this product. I did exactly what Imeo said to do in his videos and everything worked as advertised. As for taste and vapor, this is the best, period! I've had my experiences with almost all cartos, and atomizers. I do not know if I can ever go back to them after using the Odysseus. Wick and coil is simple enough to make, and I usually just make one once a week for the hell of it. Longest I went so far was 2 weeks but only changed it out to show a friend how I made the wick and coil for the Odysseus. I'm pretty sure that wick and coil would have lasted another 2 weeks. In the end, I just wanted to thank Imeo and all others here in this GG forum. I have learned alot from all of you and I'm sure I will keep learning from you! So a BIG THANKS!

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    My Initial Impressions of my SS GGTS #693, My first GG product

    The first thing I want to say is how impressed I am with the overall manufacturing quality. I was once a jewelry Tool and Diemaker and had to sometimes work to tolerances of .0001 of an inch. I developed quite an eye for precision and know the painstaking process required to work to tight manufacturing tolerances.

    The way the GG screwed and unscrewed smoothly and without fuss impressed me. This included all scopes, ends, adapters basically any threaded item. It felt like a precision instrument. The finish, logos and numbers were clear and well defined. My SS GGTS was not a new one either, so that is a testament to the durability of the engravings. I have only had this for about 2 days and have only "fiddled" with it so far. I do have an AVS v2 that I will be trying with it but I need to order some attys for it. I spent some time polishing it trying to get it to dspins "shine" I think I succeeeded.

    I was in awe of this masterpiece and almost didn't want to use it for fearing of dropping or marking it somehow. Somehow I feel that is normal when someone first handles a genuine treasure!

    Well I have been a carto and tank guy up to this point so I strapped on my MadVapes DCT tank (chrome of course) with a 1.5 ohm carto in the tank and threw a 4.8 nimh battery in there that came of the charger at 5.6-5.7. I had to use the 901 to 510 adapter and then 510 to 510 adapter. I can tell you when I was done the tank was able to screw right down to the control tank and I was able to use the draw control even with something that was not a GG device. I found this to be remarkable planning and versatility for what I thought was primarily a proprietary device. I was extremely pleased.

    OK enough BS....I put it to my lips and vaped and it was so smooth...that was my definite first impression ....smooth. I thought I was not doing something right ?! Then the taste hit ...omg. Then the exhale and throat incredibly new experience for me....clouds of vapor. I just did this a few moments ago so my feeling about it are still fresh. Then I discovered I could adjust the precision fit allowed that tank to sit PERFECTLY on the control ring.
    I ran to my wife exclaiming "You have to try this!!" It is unbelievably good!!"

    If you are thinking about getting a GGTS....stop thinking and just do it, you will not be sorry. It is truly a masterpiece of precision and quality in addition to IMEO's incredible hands on customer service...So just go get, right now.

    Imeo and the GG family thanks for answering my questions and numerous PM's about GG. This family is of the same high quality as the maker and the device are!!

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    Decided to re-post my first review also - blast from the past

    GGTS - Things I dislike and like w/this mod

    First off I will start with the things I like about it and finish off with what I dislike and any recommendations that I have.

    I was originally attracted to the GGTS because of the design of it w/the engraving, fancy button and high shine.

    With further research I found that it had vent holes as standard. This is a must for mods, especially tube mods. It also has an adjustable draw w/the ability to blow out your atty without removing it from the mod. This is just pure genius IMO. I have a tendancy to over drip sometimes and this makes it very easy. It would be a real pain to have to unscrew everything just to blow out the atty. Its a pain to unscrew and remove an atty from my other devices as it is..
    Also has a locking button and you can unscrew the telescope a bit for safety in transporting.

    It is made to accept all attys. It has a 4 in 1 connector to use 501, 306, 901, 801 and 808d type atomizers and cartomizers. To use the 801 though, you must
    get an 801 adjustable draw cap. To use a 901 you must screw on one of the two included thread adapters.

    Vape quality is excellent. For some reason my attys perform better on this. I found a big difference trying out the Ikenvape Mini 801 2.0 - I never liked that atty, it did not taste good on my other mods. I am a LR 1.5 user but then I tried it on this as a lark and found it did vape much better - In fact I like it now. YMMV

    Another great feature is that it has telescoping ability to accept an array of different battery configurations, for 3.7v, 6v and 7.4v For example:

    Single Batteries - 14500,14650,CR2,CR123A,16340.17340,17500,17670,183 50,18500 and 18650
    Double Battery configurations - 15270,16340,17340,14500,CR123A,CR2 and 18650.
    The 18650 and 14500 to run double requires an additional purchase of an extension sleeve.
    I ask you, what other all mechanical mod has this ability??

    A tank system is also available to buy if you want to automatically juice feed your atty or cartomizer.

    Overall: Excellent design and vape quality - a solid 10 out of 10 - I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone.

    Now for what I dislike:
    Nothing - Zero - It's an amazing device

    My recommendations:
    Since this is an advanced user device, it would be greatly beneficial to come w/written instructions & illustrations on its proper use. Example - attaching the atty, how to maintain it, etc, etc. I personally watched all the videos possible and read all the threads before I bought it and still had one small issue upon arrival. The new button - it had changed, so I was asking questions that pertained to the old one. Just my 2 cents on that
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    I have it, I have it, I have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I managed to get Odysseus!! This is a great vaporizer. Imeo you are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is my first heater: Kanthal 0.2 x 5 wraps. And it works like this:

    Thanks a lot!!!

    Now I'm waiting for P & P
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    Great review my friend.
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