I had forgotten just how good Goodejuice NETs really are!!!
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Thread: I had forgotten just how good Goodejuice NETs really are!!!

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    Default I had forgotten just how good Goodejuice NETs really are!!!

    So in my vaping journey I have tried A LOT of eliquids from A LOT of places/vendors. When I first started vaping a month shy from a a year ago I bought 3 bottles of juice from Goodejuice, Patriot, Kryptonite, and Apple Pie. I liked the Patriot so much that I stocked up on 30 ml bottles of it as well as a few other NETs, Natural Perique, and Fire Cured. I would say I purchased 3-4 30 ml bottles of each.

    Shortly after I had gotten away from tobacco flavored juices (tastes change) and started trying to find the perfect fruit and/or bakery flavor. So all those NETs sat in a dark cool drawer in my pipe cabinet (yep I am also a pipe and cigar smoker, don't inhale though so I can justify that I'm still a non-smoker ).

    Fast forward to last night... I had run out of room in my juice drawer due to my recent hoarding of NT juice so I called myself "cleaning" out my juice drawer. I pulled out the 4 bottles of Kryptonite I have, and said "NOPE!" that stuff is still delicious!! (if you like fruity vapes you're doing yourself a disservice by not getting a bottle of this to try out!) Then I pulled out a bottle of Patriot that had 10/2013 written on the label (I write the dates on the bottles when I get them so I can keep track of aging times). It still had a beautiful light brown sheen to it so I said "Hmmm let me give this another shot and see if I still like it".

    I filled up an IBTanked with a fresh carto and filled it up with Patriot with almost a year of aging on it. All I can say is "WOW!!!" It truly is amazing! It's subtle, rich with just a bit of sweet. I love it! Again!! Now I can't wait to try Fire Cured and Natural Perique again! I smelled the Natural Perique last night while I was "burping" the bottles cause that hadn't been done in close to a year, and it still has that pungent aroma, but substantially toned down from what it once was.

    I can't say that I have tried a bunch of different vendors NETs but I have to say I am glad that I didn't get rid of these the couple times I was thinking about reorganizing my drawer, cause they will be back in my rotation for a while!

    Thanks Goodejuice for getting me off the stinkies!!

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    Thanks for the shout out Not only did we carefully craft our flavors, but we also put major emphasis on performance. Great performing juices are the key to vaping satisfaction, and we are extremely proud and confident of where we source our ingredients. Patriot is in my daily rotation along with High Octane and Emerald Square. (I love me a little menthol sometimes) Thanks again!