Holy Smarties badkolo
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Thread: Holy Smarties badkolo

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    Default Holy Smarties badkolo

    Y'all know how I love my flux gummy bears & the new gummy bears is just as fabulous!!

    I got Smarties flux nectar in the mail today. Bam!!! Spot on flavor! Just like gummy bears is spot on. Ill do a proper YouTube review in the near future.

    Wow! I'm just thankful for Chris's hard work in getting these flavors perfect. I've said it before & ill say it again, you totally have to respect a vendor that doesn't have 100 juice flavors to choose from....because they only let the very best go up for sale.

    If you haven't tried the Smarties FlX nectar,you must. This is NOT the low flavor Smarties from another vendor. This one is jam packed with flavor & is totally Smarties in bottled form.

    Now...... can a girl get a review of the FlX nectar cake supreme? ...
    ......preferably from someone that has tried cake,cake batter,cupcake & birthday cake from every other vendor...... I've yet to find the 'perfect' cake vape. I probably should trust my instincts & pick some up since every other flavor from gotvapes is spot on.

    Gummy bears AND Smarties FlX nectar for the win! Promise!

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    I agree with the Smarties getting a thumbs UP ! Got mine in the mail today and it is delish !!!!!!!!