GotVapes Brings You "The Fox" i-Tank - Super Performing Bottom Coil Glass Tank by KUMIHO - ProTank Compatible!
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Thread: GotVapes Brings You "The Fox" i-Tank - Super Performing Bottom Coil Glass Tank by KUMIHO - ProTank Compatible!

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    Cool GotVapes Brings You "The Fox" i-Tank - Super Performing Bottom Coil Glass Tank by KUMIHO - ProTank Compatible!

    Kumiho "The Fox" i-Tank 2.8ml Bottom Coil Glass Tank Kit - GUN MTL & Chrome

    Introducing The Fox i-Tank by Kumiho. "The Fox" nickname is GotVapes own nick for this great little tank with simple genius we have greatly admired in our testing! The i-Tank features a well sealed environment for a 2.8ml clean-tasting Pyrex glass tank and it offers the simplicity of easy-fill top filling for your ejuice. No need to remove, unscrew and invert. The top cap remains in place while filling so pressurization is maintained. The mouth piece (which is not 510 compatible) is then screwed back on and seals the fill port and provides air-tight pressure for consistently great vaping.

    The Fox i-Tank by Kumiho is attractively emblazoned with a clever logo featuring the fox himself. There is interesting compatibility with the ProTank. If you are already invested in the ProTank BCC system you will be glad to know that you can also use these heads on The Fox. We have not tested the ProTank 3 dual coil bottom coils, but the legacy single coil ProTank heads work perfectly as we tested. Also it appears you may be able to use ProTank bases but we cannot guarantee this but they have the same width. The glass tanks are the same width but the Kumiho tank is about 5mm higher. In my testing the ProTank replaceable glass tanks fit but whether they will cause any leaking I had not tested.

    • 2.8ml Pyrex glass tank - advantages: more impervious to acidic juices, cleaner overall taste.
    • Top fill port for easy filling from the top without removing, inverting and unscrewing base.
    • Bottom Coil with ProTank compatibility.
    • Mouth piece is screwed on to provide best seal over fill port and to maintain pressure in the system (this is not 510 drip tip compatible)
    • Fully disassembleable for easy maintenance and cleaning.

    • Fully assembled Kumiho "The Fox" i-Tank with 2.8ml Pyrex glass tank
    • 3 coil heads - 2.4ohm installed and 2 extra heads (1.8 and 2.8 ohm)
    • Packaged in jewel box with full instructions printed on back.

    Musings from our own Max Wood (woody55 on ECF), CS Manager, GotVapes:
    "Hi Gang! Woody here! Just a few little pearls of wisdom on the Kumiho I-Tank. This thing is a beast! I have run this non-stop since Daniel sent it to me for testing. I have probably ran 30+ tanks through it with no problem at all. The inluded heads work great but they have no ohms etched on them so you can't tell what you are putting in there (the extra heads are etched, but the 2.4ohm installed head doesn't appear etched - Daniel). Other than that, it just performs magnificently!

    I have run these with the heads that came with it and have also ran it with Kanger Protank heads. The Protank heads fit perfectly and work just fine in it. This tank is easy fill through the top, just un-screw mouthpiece and insert needle from fill bottle and squeeze! If you get carried away and get fluid down the center airway, No worries! Just screw mouthpiece back on, hold a tissue under it and blow through mouthpiece till fluid is gone. Screw on batt and Vape!

    I would suggest that on initial fill or after head replacement, let it sit for at least 5 minutes so the wicks soak up liquid real good. Then do a couple of primer sucks on it to help wicking action.

    In closing this is a very fine tank and well worth adding to your tank collection! Enjoy! And Remember...... Vape well and Vape safe!

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    SWEEET!!!! Hi Gang, You will love this tank! I am still rocking it hard and heavy and love it!

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    Sweet,an Answer to my gun metal prayers. Thank you foxy types!
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    This is really an attractive tank--so much better than the Protank!