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Thread: GLV3 Mini in Combat.

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    Hey zzooti it worked fine and was a huge help. I used to suck down at least 2 smokes when we landed for fuel (walked away from the farp about 100 yards) it usually takes about 10 mins to completely refuel my bird. It did taste different though in the air, i needed stronger flavors to seem like there was something there. I think this had to do with the dry circulated air in aircraft. Also it probably has something to do with the DA your at seemed to have to take a harder pull, probably like useing your glv at the beach along one of the coast and then going to denver 10 mins later.

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    Be safe out there. My son just returned from over there (he's a RANGER)...and I more than likely will be working on your bird when it comes back stateside for RESET.

    EDIT: Just read you were back WITHOUT your GLV...PM your address I'll send you my GLV-2 and some attys until you get yours back!
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