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    Quote Originally Posted by wheezal View Post
    it's like you came back from teh future in a time machine! with a picture of me!
    This is, in fact, the case.
    But BEWARE, Future Mummy Wheezal:
    The Throngs you speak of -WILL STEAL ALL OF YOUR VAPING DEVICES, as well as your Halo Liquids-
    So be sure to stockpile an arsenal in Multiple Locations.
    Or be prepared for the consequences.
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    I started at 6mg, (cuz I didn't know any better) and was wondering if I'd have to have my PV surgically removed from my mouth! lol. Went to 12mg and it got 'a little better', but was still vaping like a fiend. Went to 18mg and ...BAM! found my sweet spot. I discovered I could actually DO other things like, LEAVE THE HOUSE! I bought hubby some 24mg Vita Bella from Good E Juice cuz he is really struggling with the analogs, especially at work and while driving. I tried it too, and although it is some very good juice, (closest I've had to an actual analog), that stuff is STRONG! I swear I must've seen the face of God or something! I can't handle the stuff, but hubby says it's helping him tremendously. Well, whatever blows your hair back...and that stuff probably will!

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