Throat irritation and cough
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    I have been a daily smoker (half a pack a day) of regular cigarettes for more than fifteen years. I started smoking e-cigarettes (GreenSmoke brand) a few days back. After smoking the equivalent of a couple of normal cigarettes, I get throat irritation / pain, phlegm (or something stuck) in my throat and cough. I don't have these symptoms when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. I am very concerned given that e-cigarettes are relatively new and am wondering if I should continue. Should I stop smoking e-cigarettes altogether and switch to regular? Will switching to another brand of e-cigarettes help?
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    Did you smoke regular cigarettes before? If not, then yes, you should probably quit the e cigs. If you are going back to smoking, then, no, keep up with the ecigs as they are less harmful than analogs. The stuff that causes the vapor (pg or vg) can also cause a really dry throat and irritation. You need to drink a lot more water than before or you will have a dry sore throat. You might also try a different brand as all brands have a different pg/vg ratio and may affect you differently. I have no experience with your brand, but try drinking a ton of water first.

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