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Thread: *REVIEWS* - HHV Sweets & Desserts

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    Welcome to the HHV Sweets & Desserts reviews thread!

    Here you will be able to find reviews for all the HHV Candy, Dessert, and Bakery lines of e-juice. The purpose of this thread is for reference only. It is not a discussion area. We want people to be able to quickly scan the posts and find the information they are looking for without having to wade through hundreds of comments.

    Anyone (that's you) may post in this thread as long as it meets two criteria:

    1) Your post must be in the form of a review for one or more of the juice flavors listed here.
    2) You must put the juice name, PG/VG ratio, and nic level at the top of each reviewed post.

    Please do not leave any comments to the reviews you find in this thread. Any posts found not to follow the above guidelines may be deleted by a moderator.

    Here is a link to previous reviews on the old HHV subforum: *REVIEWS* - HHV Sweets & Desserts

    The flavors eligible for review in this thread are:

    Apple Butter Rum Cake
    Atomic Grasshopper
    Blueberry Muffin
    Butter Rum
    Chocolate Orange (P)
    Cin City
    Fireball (P)
    Heavenly Waffles (build your own)
    Hubba Hubba
    Mallow Mint
    Menthol Ice
    Parrothead (P)
    P'nut Butter Cookie
    Peppermint Blast
    Powder Keg
    Tuscan Cocoa (P)
    Vanilla Dream

    (P) represents the Purity line of liquids whose flavorings are made without the use of PG.

    So what are you waiting for? Get reviewin'!
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