I just blended Kahlua 10 ml (6mg) with cheesecake 20 ml (6mg). Right out of the mail and into the blend the flavor is AWESOME. ( Test dripped on a 1ohm 28g kanthal parallel build in a tobh atty wicked with cotton on a dna 30 at 25 watts.) I plan to let the flavors mingle a few days and throw it in my Russian 91%. For anyone looking to add something to their cheesecake flavor besides the standard fruit flavors GIVE THIS A SHOT. You have to order separate and blend yourself but wow. HDV has amazing juice and this takes two good flavors to a new level.

Also I am using a 20/80 pg/vg because I like a little more vapor but I am sure that even at 50/50 this would be even better due to the pg carrying more flavor.