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Thread: IBTsid 22

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    No Problem, glad you got the tongue in cheek about the sharpie... I did try it but certainly dont want folks thinking its a good idea

    I was actually thinking though that anodizing dye comes after the oxidation coating. Makes me wonder if they could not be dyed again. Maybe a light sanding to take off any sealer and a black dye then seal again. The dye part of anodizing is a warm water operation unlike the actual growing of the oxidation which takes some chemicals and electrical current.

    I think I might hit up our shop to see what they can do, I know anodizing can be stripped and re applied... just dont honestly know how comfortable I would be in asking them to do this to parts they did not make. If I had them make this part for us it would have cost a minimum of three times as much, my quantities would have been higher and they would end up around the cost of our IBTpro 22 ring at retail. While I fully support US made where we can I am also good with having Smok make things like this for us to fit their products and hope to do more of this in the future. I had a great meeting with our Rep at CES in LV a couple weeks ago and if the way our conversation went has any weight to it I can see some great things coming this summer.

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    Good thinking man! If they do their own in-house anodizing, it might be worth looking into - though I can understand the "awkwardness" of asking them to work on a competitor's product. Of course, you would need to look at it from a business standpoint, would it be equitable for you and/or the consumer.

    If they are a "slow-mover" and you have a surplus of stock on-hand, it might be advantageous to at least check if they can anodize a handful as a test run. You know I would be purchasing one (or two) from you. Plus, you would still be offering an "original" and innovative design that might appeal to more people with fancy color options. I know the SID is a pretty popular MOD, and there is a very limited market for aftermarket customization for it, not to mention the possibility to up-sell with your other tanks

    Keep me (us) posted, and feel free to PM me if you prefer. Thanks for the input and ideas, I can tell you have a great business ethic and I will be giving you my business for sure!

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