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Thread: Is Innovaper FAke?

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    Word to the Wise!!! Don't start threads like this when your order hasn't been shipped, Vaping Karma has a way of biting you in the ...... It has for me!!!

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    just a final follow up on my situation.

    i received my PCC and 5 *NeW* ( "old" is what is says on the bag. ) Atomizers today. let me just say i am quite pleased with the PCC it really is Great !!!! everyone needs and wants this cool gadget... and the new atomizers are working better then the wide bands i had initially. ( go figure ? ) im still confused really but i do know 1 thing i got what i ordered now -minus the juice i leaked ( no pun intended ) and i am very happy at this moment.

    concerning the fluid i ordered the menthol high and it was anything but menthol and it really had no flavor at all .. i know some ppl like eco pure a lot so maybe i got a bad batch ? i thought it was mixed in the UK ? ..

    over all the only loss was the extra time i had to wait about a week. i didn't really expect a whole lot from the juice and thought of it more as a bonus ( 3 black complete 510's, 2 spare atomizers, PCC, small USB charger ( no cord/direct usb) , 5 carts of eco pure high pretty decent for $122.40 shipped )

    i want to rate you guys an -8- but i simply cannot at this time. there was just too many problems with my order and it really stressed me out till i finally realized my order today. ( yes the phone calls really eased my tension some ) but still a -7- is very good and leaves room for improvements obviously good luck in the future so a -7- is my final rating for this transaction thank you.

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