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  • Metal/Aluminum Body

    45 77.59%
  • Fix Leaking Issues

    31 53.45%
  • Fix Switch Problems

    41 70.69%
  • Fix Atomizer Issues(Fitting)

    22 37.93%
  • Better Battery Cover

    21 36.21%
  • Available in More Colors

    11 18.97%
  • More Adapters for other Atomizers

    17 29.31%
  • Longer USB Cord

    19 32.76%
  • Better Price(Please!)

    18 31.03%
  • All of the Above!

    14 24.14%
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Thread: Merged old sticky threads (5)

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    Default Hi!

    Nice to read you! Although I am still loving my stick, I can't wait to hear more about the cameo and Jantyworld. I hope Ludo will keep in touch....nobody teases quite so well. I do enjoy reading his posts, especially when he is feeling silly. I am disappointed in the dura adapter though, Lady Raj gave me some pointers but I haven't had a chance to try them yet (can't seem to break away from my 801 atty's!). What are your thoughts on the dura adapters?

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    Yeah the Janty juice is worth complaining about, if ya don't receive it I can totally understand Zofryer!

    Now, what did you think about that RY4? Some of us feel it's the best flavored RY4 out there.

    And yeah, Janty is great, I've had one issue out of 5 shipments from Janty, and that was just a simple "out of stock, we have nothing to send you" delay. Otherwise, everything is always well taken care of.

    Some people complain about the price, but in the end, I think you have less headaches. For some of us, that's worth spending a little more on.

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    I personally get more flavor and vapor from a 801 than a 510. My only experience is with an 801 on the js, and 510 on manual batteries with PCC though. I havent even looked at my 510 since I got the JS and you couldnt pry the 510 from my hand before. I actually saw the JS low battery warning for the first time yesterday, in over two weeks of solid, non-stop use. I do spend a lot of time in front of a computer and my car has a USB power adapter, so I do plug it in from time to time. I will say that battery management was my biggest gripe with vaping, and I havent had to mess with it since the js landed in my mailbox. I would say 4 hours moderate vaping would be normal, but I guess that depends on how frequently you use it and the duration of the draw. A 4 second draw seems just fine for me but Ive seen videos of people running it to the cut off mark. When I try to drag it for that long, it just seems to trade taste for vapor and I like a good mix of both.

    I guarantee youll like it, i use it so much I had to cut back on nic strength, as I was vaping my eyes blurry. Was heavenly, but probably not that good for me. Even with lower strength juice, the JS still delivers everything im looking for, and doesnt leave me feeling like im in the edge of wanting an analog, like other models Ive tried did.

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    Default Merged old sticky threads (5)

    Merged old sticky threads (5)

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