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Thread: Janty wins Danish Product Award 2011 with the Janty eGo (launched by Janty in October 2009)

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    Default Janty wins Danish Product Award 2011 with the Janty eGo (launched by Janty in October 2009)

    Danish 2011 Product Award for the original creation of the most successful e-cig in the industry, The Janty eGo, check the link to the article below!

    But first, remember the presentation of the Janty eGo Prototype on 30 October 2009:
    ‪The Janty Ego‬‏ - YouTube

    You can find the Janty Award article via this link:
    Produktprisen 2011: Dansk designer bag verdens mest solgte e-cigaret.| Ingeniøren

    English Translation:
    Product Award 2011: Danish designer behind the worlds best selling e-cigaret
    Better heat distribution, longer battery life, enhanced safety and a solid design has made the Janty eGo become the worlds best selling e-cigaret of all times. Janty is in the running for the Product Award 2011, within the health/medico category.

    Stay tuned for the release of our new ground breaking innovative designs around december 2011 - January 2012 with a possible introduction at the 2012 Las Vegas International CES, January 13.

    In the meanwhile enjoy a 33% discount on our eGo JETS at Janty France - JANTY EUROPE (Worldwide) or follow our tweets to stay updated about new releases or promo's via our Twitter
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    Congratulations! A well deserved award. Was sad to read that we won't see the new release until December or January. I was thinking you said September. Hope it is worth all of the waiting but based on the ego design and how revolutionary it was I'm anticipating something good.

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