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Thread: Janty Neo Classic New Product "Back To The Basics"

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    Thanks Ludo, I've called the aforementioned number and was serviced by the same person that responds to my tickets. Should I feel the unevenness of the glass where the min level bar is and should it leak from said spot?

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    Yup, you can feel the MLLB cut. It shouldn't leak, unless you spoiled liquid between the tank glass and the tank shell during filling...

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    I got the Neo Classic a week ago. Overall, i like it but there are a few issues. First, i've heard a lot of people say that it switches flavors immediately. That hasn't been my experience. It still takes a while to burn off the old flavor when i switch. Also, the puromizer seems to be leaking around the windows. When i leave the house, i keep it in one of those plastic cigar cases in my pocket. When i get to work and take it out, there is always some liquid around the windows that i have to wipe off. Does anybody else have this experience?

    Throat hit and vapor are both good, although vapor production seems to have lessened after the first few days. Still fine, though.

    Also, it seems to burn juice a lot faster than my old Boge Leo.

    Just my .02

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