Janty eGo-X and IMIST Coil exchangeable mod
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Thread: Janty eGo-X and IMIST Coil exchangeable mod

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    Cool Janty eGo-X and IMIST Coil exchangeable mod

    Two intresting things arrived to me, so i share my feelings about them:

    Janty eGo-X — on right side.
    ОА Biansi Imist — on left side, Imist mod with exchangeable coil.

    Both have exchangeable wick, which transports liquid from tank to coil.


    Inside Imist Coil exchangeable mod:

    Coil legs goes into holes on sides and fixed by "pins".

    Transport wick:

    Inside ego-X:

    I compare this 2 atomizers with my favorite Janty NEO ( vaping NEO on PG liquids )

    Atomizers was tested on eGo and NEO manual batteries.
    Liquids— PG (90/5/5) , PG+VG (70/20/5/5), VG (dekang)

    First - very light vape, no tights at all, with compare to NEO. I dislike that, but it is okay - i adapted with some time.

    Performance — good and thick vapor, but it bocame clear, that eGo-X ( 2ohm ) gives more vapor, than ОА Imist — which coil is more resistant (D=0,15), u can see it on picture. Maybe it is not nichrome. I can say that ОА Imist wants more voltage .

    Another diffirence — vapor not hot at all, light TH. Comparing with very good TH on NEO

    Taste — there is taste, i can feel it, but less than NEO. Coil placement position matters.

    Final — very good and nice atomizers, ego-X is very nice, more accurate than IMIST (but coil exchangable override this ). Definetly i will use them both, but general hysteria imist not caused — NEO still my favorite

    Thank you.
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