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Thread: Upcoming and Incoming - two new products!

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    Awww, hug him (her?) from me and say thank you!

    And happy thanks giving right back!

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    Good Lord!

    Just read through most of this thread looking for some info on Janty products. Unfortunately, there is not much information to be had. Mostly self important jerks trying to use this Mik fellow as their personal whipping post. And it completely distracts from not only the effective dissemination of information, but probably Mik's willingness to provide it in the future. Overall, I would say that many of the most frequent posters on this thread have done a disservice to the overall membership with the way that they have conducted themselves on this thread.

    Mik, for what it's worth, I am not a fan of the aesthetics of the cartomizer, but I think that you were dead on regarding performance. The XL atomizers were a bit disappointing, difficult to keep the balance of flooding/drying. They also seemed to go dead rather quickly for me.

    That said, I have been using the eGo for about 6 months and have been analog free for about 5 months. I think that the eGo is an excellent product and has been the main thing that has enabled me to not smoke.

    I am also looking forward to trying the eGo-T as that looks like a fantastic innovation!

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    I am V impressed with my Jantykorea Xl ego cartomizer. Vaping it all day and still no need for refill. No dead hits and flavor still decent.

    Have to say as a carry out it gains points on the tank system.

    1. With the tanks you have to put them in a carry pouch otherwise you'll get stinky pockets. My carry pouch has a lot of leaked liquid on it. Not a big issue - but still.

    2. With the XL carto, man screw her on and you have one compact unit with nothing that can come loose, dislodge or leak. In fact I've just been carrying it in my jeans pocket all day, no pouch and the versatility of it is awesesome. No need to undo a pouch, put it back in your pocket etc like there is with the tank set up. Plus tanks could come loose just carrried in a pocket.

    3. But there is the damned filling with a syringe. No way I'm doing that in public and no way i'm carrrying around a syringe with me! Tank sytem can carry sprare tank with rubber stopper on in pouch or a 5ml bottle of juice and easily re-fill. then again the XL carto holds 1.8ml.

    So for home vaping, the ego-t will be my at home vape for sure as it gives about 10% more flavor in my experience. Probably for long journey over a day as well. But for a whole day out and about, poker game, night out with the boys etc, the XL carto gets my vote. In fact for longer journeys could just pack an extra carto....

    As my out and about vape it's a very close call between these two and the compactness of the XL carto, no leaks, no need for pouch or case, no possible loose tanks etc - yes it wins. It does. Xl cart is my go to for a day out. If only there was an easier way to fill the things they would be perfect.

    Tanks taste just that small but noticable 10% better though and are best at home vape.

    (n.b - I am using Jantykorea store bought cartos, no cheap imitations and have only used one so far. I may be lucky not to have had a dud one or a foul tasting one and am still only on my first fill.)
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