Before buying my first 306... any advice?
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Thread: Before buying my first 306... any advice?

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    Default Before buying my first 306... any advice?

    Hey all,

    I'm pretty new to vaping. (started about a month ago). My first e-cig was the KR808-D2. It's a 2 piece unit. I liked it originally because I thought the cartos would be easy to use. The fact is, I don't really like cartos. They clog. They can taste funky. Different brands have different qualities, and it just hasn't been an overall pleasant experience using them. Carto's seem to me like the lazy man's vape. I'd rather do things manually now that I have a little more experience.

    I'm really interested in the 306, particularly the 306a, since it's super mini. I see myself dripping and/or dipping, but I have a few questions first.

    1. Does anyone know where I can find the best price on this unit? I'd like to get a kit. You know, charger, multiple batteries etc. (I'm looking for the black model, not the white one.) I really don't want my pv to resemble a cigarette.

    2. When dripping, how long does each dripping last? If I put 4 drops on the atty, how long before I have to re-drip? The same goes for dipping... how often will I have to dip? How long does dipping last?

    3. When dipping/dripping, do I leave the cart with filler in there? Or does that come out completely?

    Any other helpful tips would be appreciated. Are you all happy with the 306? Thanks in advance for the help.

    PS. This will be my first time using an exposed atty. Any advice regarding that is also appreciated.


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    Od, the only difference in a 306 & 306A is battery. Though the 306A is cute & comfortable to use, the battery is only going last 30 minutes,45 at best .The 306 battery won't last much longer, about an hour.

    I use a 306 atty with an Ego battery & dip . You have to re-dip about every 5 drags. I don't recommend dripping with the 306 just because it would be messy.

    When you buy just the atty, there's no filler (which I just realized is kinda weird) just the blank cap. You just twist off the cap & dip away. I use a contact case with the screw on tops for my E-juice.

    The 306 atty is my personal favorite for taste & vapor production. Besides the fact it's the same threads as a 510,so you have more battery options. The 306 is also great for testing flavors because they are easy to clean,IMO.

    I buy my 306 attys from Rocky Mountain Vapor & if you buy 2 or more,shipping is free. A 306 atty lasts me about 2 months.

    Some people prefer the 401 to the 306. I can't judge,because I've only used the 306.

    I use 510 carto's with the Ego batts when I'm out & about, but at home, it's a 306 90% of the time.

    Good luck,

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    get a drip tip for your 306 and u'll be in dripping heaven
    I vape PROUDLY!