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    Default 306 drip questions

    got my 306 tonight and tried it out but im getting a burnt taste an not so much flavor from my juice. I get a lot of warm vapor but it tastes a little burnt. Will this go away with time?

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    The atty may have primer on it, which needs to be worked off. Running a couple quick 3 sec dry burns might help, but otherwise, yes, that residue will go away. Also, depending on what Ohm your LR 306 is running at, the loss of flavor may be the cost of the higher heat it produces.

    These attys need to be treated with kid gloves at first.

    Put your drip tip of choice on, and put 4-5 drops in, and let it sit for a while. Do a couple second clicks on your device to activate, then add a couple more drops. You should be good to go. As soon as you notice a flavor/vapor dop, add a few more.
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    I am not getting burnt taste just not as much vapor as from the 510 on the reo or provari?!!

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