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    Does anyone know anything about the Nicstick, It is about the size of an analog, I bought it at the drug store today but did not find a users manual in the box. It came with the battery, attomizer,3 cartridges filled with USA 18 mg, and a usb charger, the box it came in looks like a pack of analogs. I have been using the DSE 801 and I love the mouth piece on it, but thought I would try the nicstick when I am in the car, as I have a USB port in the car that I could charge the battery on, but now I want to find out if I can buy replacement parts for it from anywhere or if I have to go to there web sit eto buy things THere web site is I appreciate anyone who can help me with these answers

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    I have one, its what i started on and all i have for now. Its a standard 510, so any 510 parts will work on it. I got SmartCarts because i found that the regular carts leaked alot. I also got a driptip and use that unless im going somewhere. Idk what you paid but mine was $30, and its great for the money. Doesnt have any of the auto batt problems i hear about, stays charged pretty long, and good vapor production.

    I buy parts for mine at Best Electronic Cigarettes - , pretty cheap, "smoke" coupon code does 40% off making it even cheaper.