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    I have Halo g6 and got several different juices......I filled the first cartomizer and tried it, it was good then I decided I wanted to try all the flavors I got so I filled all my cartomizers with different liquids. My question now is I have found 2 flavors that are my favorite and I use everyday but the others I filled how long will they be okay. Does the liquid evaporate after awhile being in the cartomizer or will they be good for along time?? Also how do I know when I should refill my cartomizers, I don't want to overfill them because I have read that that is bad for them but I also don't want to run them dry either and ruin my cartomizers. Thanks for any advice!!

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    I also use the Halo G6 and have been using it since Oct. 2011. When I first got my setup I did exactly what you did. The liquid will evaporate over time, but the flavor will stay behind. Meaning that the after awhile, month +, grabbing an old filled cartomizer and trying to use it will result in severe lack of vapor and diminished flavor. This can be helped by putting the silicon end cover or "condoms" back on the filled cartos to help reduce the evaporation. Refilling cartos is a something you will learn over time. Just remember that you always want to remove the carto from the battery before filling and to let it sit for about 10-20 minutes to make sure no juice is leaking. This will prevent getting juice into the battery as the G6 is not a sealed unit. You won't ruin a carto by running it dry for one or two puffs, just know that when you get that burning taste that it's time to refill. You are more than welcome to message me at anytime with questions. I realize this is an old post, hopefully this info is still useful.

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