Returning to KR808's after a year+ on analogs- new models?
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Thread: Returning to KR808's after a year+ on analogs- new models?

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    Question Returning to KR808's after a year+ on analogs- new models?

    So it's been a little over a year since I last used an e-cig, having been on analogs the whole time in between. I am now planning to get back into e-cigs and trying to figure out which model to go with. In researching the changes to the KR808 from then to now, I see a lot has changed and I'm wondering if I have the following is correct:

    1) There is a new generation of KR808's. Bloog, Smokeless Image Volt, and the Halo G6 are this new generation, and the primary difference is that now they are regulated KR808 batteries. These are not made by Kanger. The 'infiniglow' marketing line on Halo's site is just a reference to the fact the voltage is now always near 3.7. These have the same threads as the old KR808's, yeah?

    2) Vapor4Life/Vapornine are still selling the standard KR808 batteries.

    3) CigEasy Elite is a modified version of a KR808DM-1 which is thicker than a regular KR808, but thinner than an eGo/Riva-style battery.

    4) With the new generation KR808's, you can use horizontal coil cartomizers, which are less likely to burn the polyfill.

    5) Bloog has a trifecta battery (out of stock now) that is a KR808 batt with a mini-USB port on the end of it. Is this exclusive to Bloog? Because it looks reminds me of the 510 sit-n-go passthroughs that madvapes used to sell which were the handiest thing ever.

    Thanks to anyone who can confirm/correct anything I've written here. It's been a while, and I'm trying to play catch-up.
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    Satoshi (sir or Ms.?) let's see

    1) The gen 2 batts are closer to 3.6v then 3.7v. Fault tolerance comes into play, so you'll see some fluctuation from one batt to the next.

    2) Yes and no. V4l has done updates to their gen 1 batts.

    3) Correct

    4) But at the expense of having no middle ground in regards to flavor and th. High voltage (3.7v range)/low ohms (2.4 range) you'll get nothing but th and very little flavor, low voltage (3.6v range)/high ohms (3.1 range) you'll get great flavor but lose all th.

    5) Bloog is the only one to sell it, but the trifecta has quite a few well documented issues. It's a gen 1 batt, so their are juice scorching issues with horizontal coil cartos. The port for the usb cable on the batt has had alot of reported issues with making good contact with the cord, list goes on. Great item in theory, but....
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    808s are still great batts. Even though I use mods most of the time now, I still find myself going to my 808xls now and again - especially if I am out and about or traveling. I've tried everything from V2, Bloog, LiteCig, and V4L. For me, by far, V4L diamond series xl (auto or manual) give the longest batt life, have lasted the longest life wise (have had 4 months now), still give a great hit - the manuals are the best! I use ejuice exclusively - got away from prefills nearly immediately. I still believe this is the way to go right off the batt to quit analogs. Just yesterday I met with a neighbor who has cancer and got him off and running with a few of my 808s - lent him a set up with a weeks worth of stuff and I'm going back to help him order and so he can quit smoking - cool huh!! Huge props for coming back to the ecig - with all the advice you'll find here - you'll be totally successful!

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    The Volt brand batteries from Smokeless Image are my favorite, they look good, are cheap and last forever. Especially the new sealed auto batteries. They're sweet.

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    other than a passthrough, the elite kit will be my next purchase for sure, i can't wait to get it, if i were to start my collection over knowing what i know now, i would probably just pick up a $15-20 passthrough for home and in the car, and an elite kit for everything else. those batteries look like really nice quality pieces and $50 for a kit with 2 batt's, 10ml's of juice, and 5 carto's and your chargers that kit is worth it's weight in gold.

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