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Thread: Bloomberg: “E-cigs as good as patch” - ECF Infozone Article

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    What Sbowlden said.

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    I've never met a single person in my life that quit smoking using the patch, and VERY, VERY few that successfully quit using gum, maybe 1-2 people TOPS! But this site alone is a testament to how well vaping works. It's hard for me to imagine to this day EVEN POLITICIANS (and I have very, very strong feelings about 99.9999% of American politicians and they are not very nice) campaigning against vaping...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeakingLeaf View Post
    I have thought some about this, and my conclusion to these ridiculous "e-cigs does not help people to quit smoking" studies/surveys, I think is due to crappy cig-a-likes. If they were do a completely impartial study, on people who use Ego's, mods or good, quality cig-a-likes that actually do put out a decent amount of vapor; the end result would be extremely different. And don't forget, these studies are probably funded and lobbied by the pharmaceutical companies (which probably have connections with the tobacco companies as well). Big pharma is a COMPANY. Their purpose is not in first hand to help people but to make money, like most any other business. E-cigs are a big threat to the NRT part of their industry, and for tobacco companies, it's an even bigger threat since these futuristic 'cigarettes' may very well kill their entire industry.

    It's a f'ed up, corrupt world, people. It's all about money. The government couldn't care less about your health.


    Add to that, the fact that those studies are manipulated. See the example of, where every single testimonial involving e-cigarettes is deleted... later, they'll have the nerve to claim that 'there are no sucess stories of people who have tried the e-cig'. Forgetting, of course, that the simple fact of deleting dozens of testimonials IS a kind of study by itself...!

    Anyway, Bloomberg realy put his foot in his mouth this time, didn't he? First, he actually aknowledged that the patch DOES NOT WORK... good. But, one might add, if the e-cigarette is really 'a little less useless' (!) than the patch, why ban the e-cig BEFORE banning the useless patch...? If the patch is indeed useless in 'treating' the 'disease' it was supposed to treat, then it should be taken from the market - like ANY other 'serious' medicine. Can you imagine a diabetic taking insulin that only works in about 4-5% the times it is taken? This kind of 'snake-oil' would soon be taken from the shelves.

    But, like you said, "It's all about money. The government couldn't care less about your health"... governments need us to fail quitting time and time again, in order to collect those fat 'sin' taxes. here's a very good example:

    Written question - Tax revenue from electronic cigarettes - E-004672/2013

    Enough said. I rest my case...

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