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Thread: Vaping in public places in Chicago is banned...

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    Well, this just sucks! I have 3 events a year I do In Chicago - this year would have been the first with vape products and I was looking forward to not getting locked out of the the theater as we did last year. It was a nightmare running 8 hours of tech rehearsals and finding a way to smoke and take the edge off. I was looking forward to vaping in the dressing room, I thought I could also share with the other dancers who also smoke. I wonder if this goes for the Amtrak into chi since last year I found them to be very vape friendly. . .

    I vape in class now and my students love it. I always smell like candy!

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    Ouch, I stealth vaped in a long line @ a chicago public office today, figuring it was ok because no vapor exhales but whoa its now law.
    A securiuty guard was right there he didn't say anything I was being cautious with a cigalike, "stealthy no vapor" knowing/wondering it wasn't against law until I looked it up;--- I knew it was on the table but whoa, ok..

    Bummer, I agree to disagree..

    Visus Pronounced "Vice'us"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deeo View Post
    You work in a restaurant and your upset that you can't vape in the kitchen. I vape and i sure wouldn't want someone vaping over my food. Sure vaping is harmless but think about it the vape came from inside your mouth. I am not trying to start an argument just i understand why your boss wants to vaping in the kitchen.
    so you dont breathe near food? weird
    All laws are a death threat.

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    Both Midway and O'Hare airport have PSA's over the loudspeaker system that says "cigarette and electronic cigarette are banned from anywhere inside the airport".

    So I'm in a bathroom stall stealth vaping at Midway, and I hear the guy next to me vaping with what I can only guess was a Vamo V5. I could hear the rattlesnake sound. I almost said something to the guy, but decided not to.

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