Subverting any bans, or diversifying a product lol?
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Thread: Subverting any bans, or diversifying a product lol?

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    Default Subverting any bans, or diversifying a product lol?

    With the mounting threats against vaping, specifically the thought of huge taxes on hardware, I wonder if any of the hardware manufacturers have considered diversifying? I'm sitting here with my EVOD in my hand and thinking "Geez...if they made a simple LED assembly to screw on top of this, it'd be a rechargeable flashlight." It'd be pretty hard for the feds to hit flashlights with a 75 or 85 percent sin tax lol.

    Just sayin'
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    It may not come to that. Some believe that the only thing the FDA would have control over would be nicotine. PG and VG have many other uses and are "generally considered safe". On the other when they start losing billions in cigarette tax someone is going be forced to make up the difference. Even though the stated reason for the tax was to discourage smoking. So they will try to tax perhaps the best method for quitting.
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    These already exist, in limited form. Check this out:

    An e-cigarette, with a flashlight head (510 threaded!) I hope FT starts selling the 510-flashlight head separately!

    The weak link, of course, is the nicotine. And the greater threat is not the FDA, but local legislation. They may decide to tax e-liquids "At the same rate" as they tax cigarettes. I've heard mention in the press that "1ml of juice is about equivalent to a pack of cigarettes" (Ignoring what the nic level is in the juice!!!) Of course this comes from the cigalike companies who would like you to believe that one of their cartos is equivalent to a pack. I believe the state tax in MA is about $3.50 per pack. So a 10 mL bottle of juice would come with a $35 tax.

    Some states have tried to include "Any hardware and/or accessories" as part of the tax umbrella. Of course, they're idiots; good luck enforcing that one. But just in case, I've learned how to make an e-cigarette out of an abandoned car, or a flashlight, or the USB port on my PC plus some cat fur, etc.

    It's all about the nic. Oops - I mean the money, right?
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    Default Don't no Jack yet

    Tobacco Reds USA Flavoured PG E-Liquid in Various Strengths and Sizes Also, you may have heard of clear vape or jac? I don't know Jac, but there is an EU liquid manufacturer with liquid that vapes clear no cloud. Throat hit but no cloud? That would make any funky utilitarian device someone concocts very stealthy indeed.
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