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Thread: Is it illegal to vape in a car with children?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rothenbj View Post
    Yeah, I was abused as a child too. My father even pulled us up the road on our sleds with his car when it snowed. That would probably land him in court today.
    In the town of Odessa, Texas where I grew up, we had drainage culvert (yes, we sometimes had enough rain to need culverts), these were long wide sloping drainage culverts, and when we had snow'/ice, my aunt would pull a ladder behind her car, allowing a bunch of us to ride at one time and she would even swerve to cause the ladder to careen from side to side; Afterwards, we go to her house, sometimes 10 or more of us, and take off the mittens and drink hot cocoa and all through this, she always had a cigarette in her mouth. My Dad took our family on long car trips and always smoked with the windows up. Not ONE of us ever had respiratory issues.

    Vape 'em if you got 'em !
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    seeing as there are no carcinogens and VERY FEW byproducts, none that i think would be hazardous - i personally have no issues at all vaping with my daughter in the car. Especially since i was one of those horrible people who smoked with their child in the car - what was i thinking!
    I see my vaping as a blessing - i no longer smell like an ash tray, MY DAUGHTER no longer smells like an ash tray, our house and car no longer smell. I can't imagine why damage i would be doing to my daughter if i hadn't stopped smoking 1 1/2yrs ago.
    frame of reference: I have a 5yr old daughter... i used to smoke 1/2pack a day... ive been vaping for 1 1/2yrs and i feel amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicv827 View Post
    seeing as there are no carcinogens and VERY FEW byproducts, ...
    Just curious where you are getting this data from?

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    I vape with my son in the car. My son even handed out the goodie bags at the last vape meet I organized.

    Oh he!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no...............I'm from Ohio, & my friend's dad used to pull us on our sleds behind his truck in the winter time too. I seriously had to laugh when I read that post.

    I'll agree with bwood........."vape 'em if you got em"!
    ~::Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins::~

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    Most people in this country are taking things waaayyy too far. And there is too many special interest groups. As far as tying a sled behind a car today. Youd go to jail and lose your kids. When i was 8 i was using a chainsaw to cut down trees for firewood. That wouldnt fly today. I know someone that lost their child cause they took them hunting. Im not a hunter and i know thats idiotic. Accidents are gonna happen no matter what, on that note i dont take chance after chance with my children. I do try to get them to fly in an ultralight airplane as much as possible which some parents freak about.

    Its a sad sad world. Vape on and ignore the miserable people that want you to be miserable too!

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