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Thread: Where do you think this is all headed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlsw View Post
    I agree with TennDave. I think we probably have the best time for vaping in the US that there will be. Right now we have lots of new devices, small businesses with innovative ideas, no extra taxes, etc. It is too irresistable for state and federal government agencies to let us be.
    It is too irresistable for state and federal government agencies to let us be.
    total agreement
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moueix View Post
    I'm of a different mind. So much legislation is written on behalf of insurance companies. Helmet laws, seatbelt laws, crash safety standards, you name it. They are one of the most powerful lobbies. They hire actuarials who crunch the risk numbers, and they are going to see that E-Cigs are going to SAVE them money. They will strike a deal with govt. whereby both arms benefit in 3 ways. Healthcare costs and insurance claims will go DOWN. Insurance co. profit will thereby go up. Govt will want a piece, and they only thing they can get their hands on is nic concentrate. Everything else about this is in the public domain, and can be easily made for "other purposes" (flashlights, etc.) Expect taxation at the nic level. BP and BT will want a cut, so nics will come from them, heavily taxed. Then the greed factor powers will get what they want, and give us what we will have whether they like it or not.

    Your defense will be to lay up stock of nic concentrate before taxation, and buy your juices as "flavorings" without nic, and add your own concentrate. This will be the "grandfather" clause. Once those pre-tax stocks of concentrate are gone, they will have the control they seek and need. They you will see the insurance companies, govt, and BP PROMOTE the use.
    I agree completely well almost completely. I think that there also will be a select few of us that will through research find a way to grow our own or find some way to extract the precious out of the many things in nature that provides us with what we want. The survivalist in me just from reading in this forum has already started to search for a means of obtaining what I need. I grow a garden every year I know that some of the veggies I grow contain nic. LOL kind like the people in cali. You think that some states will make laws that differ from the feds? That does seem to be the trend now.
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    the whole reason i started vaping was to get myself off of nicotine eventually... guess i better get a move on then cause if i had to stop vaping today id definitely go back to smoking. it makes me really sad and frustrated with our country when everything i read points to them taxing the crap out of us. and why? because they can and we cant stop them... meanwhile last month my girl went to buy her birth control only to find out that birth control is free now. no paperwork no application process to prove that you cant afford birth control (we totally CAN afford the $9 a month it used to cost btw). nope its just there for free now. but if i quit smoking its going to be the collapse of capitalism as we know it so the only logical step is to tax the hell out of whatever it is thats keeping me from buying a pack of camels. GIVE ME A EFFING BREAK.

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    I honestly feel vaping will replace smoking. Its only a matter of time till Big tobacco takes a serious leap into the vaper world to spend millions on making a product that will be hard to compete with. On top of that Big tobacco will buy out a majority of the competition.

    Ban on ecigs is funny. On an electrical view point. Its not difficult to make a PV out of everyday things. The government will have to ban a ton of things to stop this vaper freak.

    And if all else fails... I hear Canada is a nice place to live

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lopaka79 View Post

    And if all else fails... I hear Canada is a nice place to live
    I wouldn't count on Canada being safe much longer than the States. Health Canada would gleefully jump on any recommendations by the FDA.

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    It will be still reasonable to vape with 0 nic for the DIY people. I dont see them increasing the prices on VG, PG, candy flavoring. I do however see a steep tax on the nic in the future.

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    i agree with a lot of the posts in this thread.

    here in good old taxasota i believe within 5 years ecigs will be out right banned
    or taxed at a rate so much higher than analogs as to make going back to smoking
    2 packs a day cheaper.(7 to 9 dollars a pack depending on the brand)

    here are some of the reasons why i believe this.

    1.goverment:at the local,county,and state level.
    there are b&m ecig stores springing up every where.
    vaping is spreading like wildfire here.
    with the losses in tax revenue our elected officials are in a panic.
    what really worries them is there constitchuents,friends and family
    that have switched are well versed in the ins and outs of the ecig

    2.the medical establishment:minnesota has one of the highest per capita
    concintrations of hostpitals in the country.and we have the world renown
    mayo clinic in rochester with many additional hostpitals located there.
    over the last 5 years every magor hostpital in rochester and the
    twin cities area have undergone multi 100 million dollar exspansions
    in preperation for obama care.minnesota also ops-in for every federal
    health mandate and ssi program.
    they have to pay for this.
    healthy people are not in there best interest.
    2a:the doctors:to be fair to the doctors theres a knock down drag out fight raging
    below the public view here.
    many doctors after seeing the affect switching to ecigs has had on there patients
    health are all for it.
    heres the problem.most all doctors private or not are affilliated with
    a hostpital or clinic.
    so either through the hostpital or clinic or private aggreement they are bound
    up in legal agreement with,
    2b:big pharma.no further coment needed here.

    3.the antz:i realize there are a lot of people that are against this for
    what they believe are valid reasons.they are good people that really care
    because of personal reasons or perhaps have seen what smoking has done
    to a loved one or friend.thats perfectly fine with me.
    the ones i worry about(and they are not a small minority)are the
    do-gooders that stick there nose into every cause big and small
    as long as it gives them the opportunity to tell other people what to do,
    or not do.
    they are fit to be tied as they believe ecigs are a dodge to get around
    the bans they so gleefully shoved down everyones throat.
    they wont stand for it,and lets not forget about the children.
    if this is about children in any way then that means the public school
    system is a complete and utter failure.
    what child going to todays public schools does'nt know about the dangers
    of smoking,drinking,drugs,and republicans.
    give me a break.(sex in any form is aok though)

    well thats my little rant about where i think this is going.
    i hope it does'nt go this way.
    we'll see.


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