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Thread: hey guys.. could use some help... "legally"

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    I'm pretty new here, and to vaping in general, so hopefully im not out of line saying this.. It kind of irks me how entitled some people here act about being able to vape wherever they want. They think just because vaping isn't technically illegal, that store employees and employers cant tell them not to vape in their buildings. The reality is, they can. Whether its legal or not doesn't matter, same goes for saying their policy only applies to burning tobacco. If they decide they don't want you doing it, i don't see why anyone would try to argue with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by izapmp View Post
    ok so here is the update....

    I was told by HR that my PV was under the same restrictions as an analog... can only use it outside or in the approved smoking area. I was not happy as you can guess, but i think i handled it calmly and maturely. I asked why and i was told that the reason was based solely on the basis of other employee reactions. They dont want to be seen as giving me preferential (sp?) treatment and dont want other smokers to be jealous. I even asked if that was the only reason and was told that it was. I explained that one of the reasons i got my pv was so i wouldnt have to go outside and freeze in the winter and def so i wouldnt have to go into the smoke room, which has clouds of smoke pouring out of it during breaks... i asked if i could just stand near the back door on breaks but stay inside and was told i could not.

    Now to be clear, i am not asking to vape during work... i can wait til breaks no problem... would be cool if i didnt have to, but its not a big deal.. i dont want special treatment, i just want fair treatment and dont think its too much to ask for. i understand that if i get to use my pv inside and not in smoke area it might make others jealous, but we arent kids. I am jealous of my boss's nice SUV, but that doesnt mean he shouldnt be able to drive it to work.

    Anyway, i guess i just wanted to see if anyone else had similar stories and it ended well for you or if you just dealt with it... Im not really sure what im going to do as of yet. i need my job, but i feel kinda of violated and feel like my rights have been taken from me because of the ignorance of others.. kinda sucks if there is nothing i can do about it.
    That does suck for sure, but if it helps:

    1) feel lucky that you're in a country that fought back against the FDA's strong arm tactics. The rest of the world practically banned them based on their biased misleading report.

    2) You can still vape. Many of us risk being tossed in a not so pleasant jail cell if we vape. How'd you feel if you got thrown in jail and your life ruined because you wanted to quit smoking? all just so the powers that be can make money killing off the population?

    Just some pespective I hope. I'm with you though, I may even be the first person imprisoned for tryin to quit smoking ::: knock on wood :::

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    I live in sweden and i am allowed to smoke were i want to at my work

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    That sucks that you have to be in the smoke filled areas, and that they refuse to give you a clean area.
    Is there any areas where they would benefit through you and your voice? Perhaps by becoming the first large company in your area to provide a vaping room so that those who wish to stop smoking can do so safely. They will become known as the company who cares for their employees because they support everyone's efforts to quit smoking.
    Perhaps they would be interested in watching the room overflow in time, leaving the original smoking room empty and lonely. That would be a huge testament to their supporting smokers in their quest a healthier lifestyle.

    I'm running amok here, but my point is... a company is only interested in what can help them. How can your vaping help your company?

    Good luck in your pursuit to happiness and hang in there!
    UNITED WE STAND... divided we fall.
    Join & protect your right to vape

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