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Thread: More details and analysis of FDA's December 17 hearing

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    From MHRA statement

    Legal advice, sought in the context of the application to extend the indication of NRT to include harm reduction, was that nicotine containing products (NCPs) which appreciably affect metabolism in normal usage could arguably fall within medicines legislation in terms of their pharmacological action.

    So the term arguably is the grounds for our fight.
    The MHRA is backed by all the lobby covered groups like Royal yahoos of health and center for heartless bribe takers.
    Cant the arguement be won for us that apprceciably affected metabolism is in everything we do? Even exercise? Nicotine is addictive and by God there is money in addiction. If the free market trumps the government like Vaporizing has done then BP is going to ..... and moan and throw money at politicians to get their way.
    BT is going to ride the sideline until the fallout is through and nicotine is regulated. Cigarettes are dead and they are holding their cards until BP puts the knife in us with their goon squad FDA. Dear Lord I wish Ron and Rand Paul would get in on this. i wish the whole Liberty Movement would.

    I dont want to be forced to buy my commercialized vaping experience from cartelized BT. As of right now the free market is trumping the experience of cartelized BTs vaping in spades! Leave us be and let us regulate ourselves. Thats what America is and was founded on!! 5 non competitive companies that have cartelized a market kills innovation and revolution.
    These .......s never saw it coming and are now going to try and regulate us out of the game.

    Im fed up with being on the defensive with our government. FED UP!

    Im sorry if im a little hot under the collar. But I learned a lot about this country five years ago when I learned who Ron Paul was. I saw Political and corporate ram jobs try and smear my candidate for president in two elections. I finally found a replacement for nicotine last month and learned that my business ideas and HEALTH might just get this same political and corporate ram job and it makes me so friggin livid I could chew nails.

    If you cant buy bullets whats the point of the gun.
    That is how it will go down. If you and I cant get nicotine We as free market vapers are TOAST. Mom and pops will die.
    Some big name vapor factories will be bought up by BP and you will only get juice through one of those royal yahoo health society doctors.

    Stand up now vapers. Or the good times are over
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vocalek View Post
    As the saying goes, "From your mouth to God's ear."
    I really wonder which APV God uses... Now THAT would be one hell of an endorsement!
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