Utah House lawmakers reject (44-29) e-cigarette and tobacco products tax
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Thread: Utah House lawmakers reject (44-29) e-cigarette and tobacco products tax

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    Default Utah House lawmakers reject (44-29) e-cigarette and tobacco products tax

    Utah House lawmakers reject (44-29) e-cigarette and tobacco products tax
    House lawmakers reject e-cigarette and tobacco products tax | Deseret News

    This was posted on Utah tax bill thread, but this excellent news deserves its own thread.

    HB 372 is available at:

    Due to massive opposition to HB 372, Rep. Paul Ray conceded defeat by offering a substitute amendment to his bill that removed the 86% tax on vapor products (but still would have required retailers to keep e-cigs and dissolvables behind the counter).

    Last night's UT House discussion and vote on HB 372 is at:

    The 44-29 vote tally (on final passage of the bill) is at

    Congratulations to everyone who contacted Utah House members urging opposition to HB 372.

    Utah vapers and vendors should thank House members who spoke out against the bill, and those who voted against the bill (even though that vote wasn't on the e-cig tax, but rather the retailer restrictions), since that's the best way to help defeat a similar bill to be introduced again by Rep. Ray next year (as he's introduced anti e-cigarette bills in four consecutive years).
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    Wow, this is great news. I was about to post a link to an article that I thought was missed and extremely important. But sure enough, you guys have it here! This is great news, but we must be vigilant. The article I read on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/0...n_2840241.html quotes

    The Utah measure's sponsor, Republican Rep. Paul Ray, says e-cigarettes should not be considered healthy.
    and even states:

    "This is terrible stuff. They're peddling stuff that they know absolutely will kill people," Ray said. "This is an industry who kills their clientele."
    Surely you all deserve a great big pat on the back for standing up for what we believe. I still cannot believe the audacity of these officials who still have not proposed, sponsored, or conducted a sufficient scientific study to back up their opinionated claims, and until they do, it is exactly that, their own opinion and to push their opinion or personal belief and try to make it law is simply abuse of power. I would go so far to say that the people of Utah should also keep this important act in mind when they cast their next votes and perhaps elect someone who cares more about the health of the citizens of Utah and less about generating revenue for the state on the backs of people trying to switch from a legal, scientifically proven killer, to something entirely different. Instead of targeting a product that actually works as intended, they should propose a bill to remove the smoking cessation products from the stores which are frankly a joke, and steal people's money by presenting a product that is supposed to help you quit smoking without any evidence that it actually does in the long term.


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