Today is National Smokeout Day....
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Thread: Today is National Smokeout Day....

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    Default Today is National Smokeout Day....

    Ran across this article today from US New and World Report with a brief mention of e-cigs:

    "...You may have considered electronic cigarettes, which are battery-powered and free of tobacco. Glynn calls them very intriguing, because they give smokers [COLOR=#005497 !important][COLOR=#005497 !important]nicotine[/COLOR][/COLOR] and something to do with their hands. But they haven't been through rigorous testing to show evidence of benefit, he says, and not enough is known about their ingredients. A recent small FDA study found that E-cigs might contain carcinogens..."

    The article discusses ways to quit smoking. One of the suggestions is to move:

    "...To avoid temptation, maybe you should consider a move to the Provo-Orem metro area in Utah, where 95 percent of residents say they are smoke free..."

    Ya, right.

    Here's the link:

    On Smokeout Day, What We Know About How to Quit - US News and World Report

    Happy Smokeout Day!

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    I wouldn't wish a move to the Provo/Orem area on my worst enemy...