Hi Everyone

We've been working hard to find and secure just the right product and implement a straight forward 3 tier distributor programme and now it's here!

The product?... a disposable electronic cigarette which is fully chip compliant, ready for retail and sells for just 5.50 which is less than 20 traditional cigarettes!!

This is the most reliable and high performance product in it's class that we have come accross since we started serving the vaping community back in 2008.

As it's exclusively avaiable in the UK from us, you won't find this model anywhere else.

Becoming a distributor not only gives you a significant discount off the retail price of this great product but also provides you with an ongoing discount code for future orders for full starter packs, accessories and liquids.

Full information can be found here:
Distributors Programme : E-Cigs.co.uk, Online Store

If you need any further info just let us know at sales@e-cigs.co.uk