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Thread: EVOD Clearomizer Review

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    Default EVOD Clearomizer Review

    So I realize that Iím a little late to the party with this review, but figured someone like me who tends to make only occasional vaping purchases might find this helpful.

    In another thread here at the LF forums, ImYourSalt recommended I give the EVOD clearomizer a try. You can find the product here: Electronic Cigarette - Cartomizers - EVOD

    I was not looking for, nor did I really need a different type of atomizer. Iíve always used a 510 LR with carts stuffed with blue foam on a 510 Riva battery. Pretty old school, but Iím the type that once I find something that works, I donít torture myself with trying the next greatest gadget that comes out every month. (Such a habit also saves me a boat load of cash, Iím sure . )So for years Iíve used an atomizer plus cartridge combination and all was well with the world.

    Recently I needed to purchase some new batteries and in the course of asking a few questions it was recommended that I give the EVOD a shot. So I checked out the pricing, at less than 8 bucks to give the thing a try I figured, Ďwhy not?í The worst thing that could happen would be that I was out $8 and back to vaping the way I always had.

    Since Iíd done zero research into the EVOD, I really was walking into it blind. But thatís the nature of impulse purchases and I was reasonably sure I could find a YouTube video all about them once the product arrived. Youtube did not disappoint, which was a good thing because the clearomizers did not come with instructions. Having said that, the product was pretty intuitive and it seemed fairly self explanatory to me once I handled the EVOD on how I should fill it, attach it to the battery, etcÖ Figuring out how to use the thing wasnít rocket surgery.

    Iíd say the tank holds about a mil and a half of e-liquid. Itís super easy to fill and attach to an EGO battery. The EVOD is probably ten times easier to fill than my old blue foam carts plus toothpick method. It also fills easier and faster than standard cartomizers IMHO. I believe (someone correct me if Iím wrong) that the EVOD will fit on any 510 fat batt that has a threading for a top cone, so I think itís compatible with a lot of different brands of batteries.

    Anyway, how does the thing vape? I have to admit that the first drag I took was extremely overwhelming. It felt like my regular daily e-liquid had about 10 extra flavor shots added to it. It tasted seriously strong, but then again I was coming from the perspective of vaping with an atty plus cartridge set up. The flavor did calm down after a few drags, which was a good thing but Iíd still say that the EVOD makes e-liquids taste more pronounced than either a cart of cartridge. Vapor production was very good, and the draw was a light to medium pressure, which is my preferred type of draw.

    Whatís good about this thing?

    Easy to fill
    Easy to clean (I soak it overnight in a shot glass full of vodka and let it air dry and itís good to go. I suspect it would do fine in my ultra sonic cleaner as well.)
    Great vapor production
    Good flavor
    No dry burns since it has a little window to let you know how much e-liquid is left
    Comfy mouth piece
    Replaceable atomizer parts for less than $3 or rebuildable if youíre into that sort of thing.
    Finish matches EGO batteries very well
    Very sleek and nice looking over all
    No larger than using a 510 fat battery with a cone. Fits fine into my e-cig case and my pocket.

    Whatís not so good?

    Mouth piece is integrated into the clearomizer and not removable, which frankly, skeeves me out a bit. I prefer a clean mouth piece every day, so that means I have to clean the whole unit.

    When I fill the EVOD to the brim with e-liquid, the further down I vape, the funkier the remaining liquid tastes to me. No one else has complained about this, but for me itís the same flavor as using a cartomizer one too many times. The liquid just gets a bit funky. I suspect this is because as the atomizer repeatedly heats the unit it cooks the liquid just a little bit to where I can taste the difference from fresh e-liquid. So if youíre a sensitive taster like me, this is very easily resolved by only filling the unit half full and the funky flavor becomes a complete non issue because youíve vaped it all before the flavor changes. If youíre not so sensitive, this will be a complete non issue for you from the start.

    Will I purchase this item again?

    Depends on how rugged the product is and how long it lasts. I figure if the atomizer part lasts me 2 weeks and the mouthpiece/tank part lasts a month or two that the product would be an exceptional value. I hate to sound like a total fan boi but after a week of use, Iím really digging this EVOD upgrade. It makes vaping easier and more enjoyable, so whatís not to like about that? Also, service from Liberty Flights was top notch, as usual. Thereís a reason I keep coming back to this specific vendor year after year. So yeah, if you havenít, plunk down the $8. I think youíll enjoy the EVOD.
    Started vaping 10/15/2010 after more than a dozen attempts to quit smoking in the last 15 years. I no longer smoke 800-900 cigarettes per month. Check out my e-juice mini review blog.

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    I am glad you like it! and thanks for taking the time to write such a nice review. | Quality Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid

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    I'm in a very similar position as the OP, coming back to purchase after having used atomizer and cartridge (901 in my case) for a long time. I didn't buy from here this time as I was initially just getting new e-liquid after finishing off the last from a bulk purchase about 9 months ago. I picked up a pair of these and have a similar experience. Nice vapor, good taste but dislike the integrated mouthpiece. The e-liquid I chose to use to try them out is light golden colored. By the time I finished that first tankful it was almost coffee black and a bit off in flavor. So the visual evidence confirms the OP results. I'd decided on a similar solution too. I've been filling them between half and 3/4 full. Now the liquid is still darker by the time I need to refill but the taste stays good. But since it's so easy to fill and way less trouble than my old atomizer/cartridge system I'll be buying a few more next month. I need to go shopping here for my hardware purchases since I like good prices and fast shipping

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    Sounds good to me | Quality Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquid


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