Where did the atomizers go?
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Thread: Where did the atomizers go?

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    Default Where did the atomizers go?

    I have to assume this was an updating error on the site: The entire category listing for all non rebuildable atomizers is gone. I've gone down the category list more than once and it's just not there. And since there is no search function on the site there is no way to find them if a category disappears like that.

    ETA: Having looked at more at the site I'm wondering if LF is closing the USA site. There is one APV - that appears to be on closeout, not a single mechanical on the sight, and 2 RBA's that are two+ year old models. It's not even that the atomizer category has been dropped, there is no new inventory being added at all. I've been watching some DIY flavorings that have been out of stock since December and they are still out of stock.

    Seriously guys, what's going on? It's hard to place an order there with so many holes in the inventory and a glaring lack of new products. Is the USA site being killed off on purpose?
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    I want to know the same thing. It is not just this store. I noticed them missing on another site I buy some vapor from (since you are often out of the one I want) I need the low resistance joy ego atomizers and they appear to be gone. Where are they??? I am a person of habit and don't want to start experimenting with new ways to vape right now.

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    They really didn't sell any more, really sorry if this affects you but we are looking to refresh the whole product range.

    We have a new website launch around the corner.
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