I Will Never Do Businsess With You Again!!
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Thread: I Will Never Do Businsess With You Again!!

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    Default I Will Never Do Businsess With You Again!!

    You just lost a loyal customer of 4 years. After getting the run around from you all day about a refund/exchange, it was your last email to me that was the last straw. You said: "We will test them on our pro tanks and if they are defective we will be more then happy to replace them. If they are the correct ones we can send them back to you."

    Why would you send me back a product (replacement coils) that I told you won't fit in my mini tank?! I couldn't care less if you test them in yours and they work...they don't fit in mine. So I hope your asinine reasoning and the five hour run around you just gave me over $17.50 was worth it because you have lost my business.

    So be warned customers...if you ever need to return or exchange something, it just may well take an act of congress.

    Laura Graham
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    I am so sorry, it sounds like you have had a frustrating time. I expect good customer service so that is why I usually check vendors out of ecf and ask people that know a lot more than I do. At least I know there are so many good vendors out there and I am thankful for that and hope you will have a better experience next time. ECF has a list of vendors that you can get a discount coupon code for. I don't think they would be on that list if there were any issues with their product or customer service. Check out that list and good luck to you.

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    I am sorry, with all the different items out there and different vendors we can not always guarantee compatibility with items that are not purchased from us. There is alot of knock offs and clones which while they look the same, can be slightly different making parts not interchangeable. We did offer to have them checked, in the event you were sent the incorrect item. If that was the case we would of been more then happy to send you out the correct items, but if they were what you ordered we have no way of sending you something that would work with what you have as we only sell genuine kanger atomizer heads.
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