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Thread: So, is the M40x series dead, or what?

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    I started with an automatic M402 with PCC i liked it very much, then i moved to the M402 manual batteries, i was using my M402 (two batteries and one atty) for almost 6 months, then i saw the M201 and got one, great TH (better than the eGo and eGo-T) and battery life, the only thing i do not like about the M201 is the leaky cartridge.

    I have introduced a lot of friends to the vaping, and almost all of them are using M401/2 with PCC.

    Like one month ago i bought an Absolute Maxx (i think is an eGo clone) and a eGo-T, they perform well, but i still using my M201.

    I really do not know whay the M series are not that popular, but i think they are great for first time vapers that are looking for a similar to an analog e-cigarette.

    (sorry for my english)
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    i have to agree with you,

    though iam very new, and 8 days in vaping and analog free,

    we got a revolver "elite" kit, and an ION kit, needless to say the wife snagged the ion kit away from me, sticking me with the elitem so the last 3 days i have been stuck vaping on this m40x type device, waiting for my fs510 kit to arrive, got that today, and one thing i immediatly notice is FLAVOR, them m40x's got some good flavor... you gotta hit it like a bowl or hitter but i actually miss it, its a very good system to start off with i totally agree

    i was not aware they made or have manual batteries for them, thanks for that info braa lol now where can i find those? hehe id like to keep this around and sell my 510 kits
    to a family member prolly

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