M401 Cartomizers and Aquamizers? a dream come true?
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Thread: M401 Cartomizers and Aquamizers? a dream come true?

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    Default M401 Cartomizers and Aquamizers? a dream come true?

    for those fans of the M401, we are not left behind, maybe. I've been perfectly satisfied with my personal hoard of batteries and atomizers for the last several years, but decided to see what progress had been made in the meantime. Found a lot of 510 connectors, and a lot of KR808 connectors, but the poor 401 languished in the corner, it's cool vapor keeping it out of the race for the best mod atomizer. But not to be daunted, I checked the factory, and noticed that there are, cartomizers for the 401 and, guess what else?!...a form of clearmizer called an aquamizer. Is this the start of a new love affair? Is this goodbye to retrofitted Intellicig inserts I loved so well? There was no hesitation and I put in an order for both types of mizers. I'll check back when I get my China snail mail and let you know how they compare to each other (and to the original atomizer). In the meantime, if anyone has experience with the aquamizers, or knows of a state-side vendor, would you please share that here? and let's keep the love (or hate?) going for the greatgrandmomma of e-cigs, the amazing, stupendous and wonderful energizer bunny skinny little runt of the ecig world, the M401

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    Please let us know how they work out. I still pull out my M40x stuff every once in a while for old times sake and would be interested in trying the aquamizer is they are any good.

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    Do you have a link for the aquamizers? I still use my m401 but am down to only 2 attys. I'm not a huge fan of cartos but figured that soon they will be my only option for m401. Eagerly await your findings.