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    Default Blu ecig commercial

    Just seen the new ecig commercial from blu.... Am I the only one thinking , that in some way ( small or not ) this may be a bad thing?

    On the one hand, it'll lead to ecigs being more popular, but the more people that vape, the less people will spend on taxable tobacco which leads the government to losing out on more money... Simple math, but if 3 million people quit cigarettes and switch to ecigs= 3 million x $5 ( averaging 1 pack/day ) = 15 million x 365= $5.5 billion untaxable money per year...

    And that number would only increase ( I would imagine ) only possible outcome I can see from increased popularity is a ban or ecig related materials being taxed ( which would undoubtedly increase whenever the government felt the need )

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    There is already a thread on the commercial :
    Has Anyone Seen The Blu E-Cig TV Commercial

    Moving this to Media and General News...and closing to avoid multiple threads on the same topic.

    Thank you