Hannity? NJoy?
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Thread: Hannity? NJoy?

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    Default Hannity? NJoy?

    Just listening to Sean Hannity's show while out and about, Njoy ad by him . He was personalizing it talking about how he wished they had been around for his parents to use.

    E-cigs are here to stay. (Thanks Petrodus)

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    They are here to stay-you can't un invent something that has been invented-you can screw it up big time though
    E-cigs are here to stay-but what kind, what will they be like, how much ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orb Skewer View Post
    They are here to stay-you can't un invent something that has been invented-you can screw it up big time though
    E-cigs are here to stay-but what kind, what will they be like, how much ?
    Orb Skewer ...
    Why does positive have to be off-set with
    a doomsday prediction or warning ??

    It's understood you don't see a bright future for e-cigarettes.
    That's OK ... I get it ... I understand. You're concern is for
    future smokers not having the same choices we have today.
    However, not everyone shares your dark vision of the future for ecigs.

    E-cigarettes are here to stay !!
    That means different things to different people.
    It's OK ... No need to get upset when I or others say it.


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    Love that google search, Petrodus! Wow...

    Orb, please realize that there is so much negativity about ecigs these days, especially from media sources, that some of us need to counter that by reinforcing positivity about ecigs. Yes, I too worry about the future of vaping and about smokers who will or won't be encouraged or prevented from switching. But personally, if I didn't have "Ecigs are here to stay" occasionally, I'd probably have jumped off the roof long ago.

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    NoA beat me to it! I heard this advert yesterday, couldn't find even a whisper about it online, so I was waiting until I could find audio of the ad.

    (It's playing RIGHT now!)

    With an audience the size of Hannity's, hundreds of thousands more smokers will have tried PV's - particularly NJoys - by the end of 2013, than would have already tried them without the Hannity endorsement. It's like a blast of nitrous injected into the already accelerating use of PV's.

    As Petro says, "E-cigarettes are here to stay!!"
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    The good news is that the new NJOY disposables have much higher levels of nicotine than the puny 16 mg I started out with. The Red contains 4.5% nicotine (45 mg/ml) and the NJOY King has 3% (30 mg/ml).

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