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Thread: Jacob Sullum: CDC Director Says Switching from Smoking to Vaping is a 'Misconception"

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    Default Jacob Sullum: CDC Director Says Switching from Smoking to Vaping is a 'Misconception"

    Another gem from Sullum's Hit & Run blog on CDC Director Says Switching From Smoking to Vaping Is a 'Misconception' - Hit & Run :

    Doesn't tell us anything we don't already know, but he makes some good points, and do read the comments. Some of them are truly hysterical, and some quote-worthy, for instance...

    paranoid android|4.25.14 @ 6:38PM|
    My go-to response [to people telling me "those things will kill you"] is, "There are actually a lot of things I do that are not increasing my lifespan. Collectively, I refer to them as 'living'."
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    Nice article, but the comments are to die for....
    The site allows a very free discussion, in both language, and ideas.
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    I'm puffin' on a pipe bomb and carrying a detonator in my pocket,
    so just what was it you wanted to hassle me about ??

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    Very entertaining comments!

    I really liked the one about smokers, a CDC official, Chantix, loaded weapons, and a locked room.
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    great find, dear
    And the comments are just great!
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