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Thread: Big tobacco take on e-cigarette's health issue

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    Basically, "I have proven X, but nobody else has equipment Y, so repeatable results and peer review are out of the question. OBEY ME."

    Nope, that's not how the scientific process works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dalr View Post
    he mentioned than even the biggest universities didn't have the testing equipment big tobacco industries had.

    I have known this friend for a long time and completely trust him. I know that he wouldn't try big tobacco propaganda on me and he looked genuinely worried seeing me vaping. This evening has left me pondering on what he told me. I'd be quite interested to hear your opinion (or first-hand lab knowledge) on this. Is there really cause for concern?
    Personally, I don't completely trust anyone. I gave that up when I learned Santa was really my parents, it was a crushing moment, but I am a better person for it.

    One thing I don't believe from your friend and something that you can verify for us is that big tobacco has better equipment than universities.

    Testing instruments aren't magic, they are just instruments used to measure physical and chemical properties. Ask your friend to give you a list of the instruments he uses. I would bet you could source it through Fischer Scientific. He will have no problem naming the instruments that he works with, they are the tools of his trade and he will have them on the tip of his tongue

    If you do trust your friend as you say, I suggest you take his advice and either vape no nic juice or go back to analogs. Perhaps through your connections you could be one of the first to use a new, safe product that they are undoubtedly working on with the secret instruments that no one else in the world has. I did not mean to come of cynical with this post, but how you worded your original post leaves very little wiggle room.

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